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Jayden Chavez

Members Mark Power Flex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, Original 13 gal., 200 ct.

Members Mark Power Flex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, Original 13 gal., 200 ct.

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Member閳ユ獨 Mark Power Flex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, Original (13 gal., 200 ct.)
  • 200-count box of 13-gallon tall kitchen bags
  • The patent-pending, double-thick top multiplies the strength of the top five inches of the bag
  • providing an extra measure of security and preventing finger punctures during bag removal

Power Flex your way to a tidier kitchen! This heavy-duty bag was designed to stretch around contents for fewer rips, plus it comes in a Fresh Clean Scent

  • Enhanced top is proven to be 2x stronger than the leading national brand
  • Power Flex閳?Technology flexes to expand around waste contents
  • Leak Protection Seals to prevent side-seam failures
  • Expand and Grip Drawstring keeps bags secure on your trash can
  • Tall kitchen trash bags with simple fit drawstring bags and superior odor control

Expect more with Member閳ユ獨 Mark搴?Power Flex Tall Kitchen Simple Fit Drawstring Bags (13 gal., 200 ct.). These tall kitchen garbage bags have a remarkably rugged build to accommodate all of your kitchen trash, with a fresh scent that tackles tough odors.

Member閳ユ獨 Mark tall kitchen trash bags are engineered to be as tough as you need them to be, with proprietary technology that閳ユ獨 been proven to be twice as strong as the leading national brand. Power Flex閳?technology enhances flexibility to expand around contents, so you can fit more trash inside each bag without straining or causing breakage. Innovative seals along the sides safeguard against leakage. They閳ユ獧e also backed by our 100 percent quality guarantee; if for any reason you閳ユ獧e unsatisfied, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Food trash can get smelly. That閳ユ獨 why Maker閳ユ獨 Mark tall kitchen trash bags, 13 gallon size, are infused with crisp, Fresh Clean and Lavender scents to eliminate tough odors. The fragrance is built into each bag for long-lasting freshness until you閳ユ獧e ready to take out the trash.

Member閳ユ獨 Mark tall kitchen bags are designed to easily fit most kitchen trash cans, including taller-sized, step-on style models. Elastic drawstrings expand for a tight lock around your trash can as well as empower worry-free carrying from can to curb.

With their incredibly durable build, Member閳ユ獨 Mark tall kitchen simple fit drawstring bags can be used for a lot more than kitchen trash. They閳ユ獧e equally ideal for storing clothing for laundry day or donations as well as fantastic for use in office settings. With 200 bags per box, you閳ユ獟l never be in short supply!


  • New longer bag
  • Now holds even more
  • Extra-thick top
  • Leak resistant and tear鑱絩esistant
  • Expand and grip drawstring
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