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Jayden Chavez

HearthSong Inflatable Ride-On Hop 'n Go Dinosaurs Single

HearthSong Inflatable Ride-On Hop 'n Go Dinosaurs Single

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Step into a world of wonder and discovery with our bouncing dinosaur toy! Your prehistoric inflatable dinosaur friend awaits, ready to transport you to forgotten worlds and unlock the secrets of Earth's past. With every hop of this inflatable toy, you'll journey back in time to ancient lands that lay hidden beneath the layers of history. No more solo adventures as our toddler toy is designed for shared excitement. With two inflatable dinosaur toys included, your child can now team up with a friend and race around the virtual watering hole, reenacting the thrilling moments of prehistoric life. Turn your child's playtime into an epic adventure with the Hearthsong Inflatable Dinosaur Ride. Maneuvering your bouncing dinosaurs is made easy with built-in ergonomic side handles, perfect for small hands to grip. The spacious and comfortable design provides a delightful riding experience for kids of various sizes, and with a weight capacity of up to 200 lbs, it accommodates even the most adventurous riders. Engineered with strategically placed weighted bottoms, balancing and bouncing from our toddler riding toy are made easy. With this added stability, your kids can confidently navigate through imaginary prehistoric landscapes, enjoying countless hours of fun and excitement. After an adventurous day of bouncing, reinflating your inflatable toys is a breeze. Simply hook up your electric air pump (sold separately) to the dinosaur's two-stage valve and its ready for the next thrilling ride. For the especially adventurous dinos, weve included a vinyl patching kit with each purchase. Say goodbye to the boredom blues and hello to endless bouncing excitement with the Hearthsong Inflatable Dinosaur Ride! Add this to your cart today.

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